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Internet, telephony and Wi-Fi Solutions for your care home.


Many care homes across the UK still do not have access to reliable internet or have very poor connections, especially across rural areas.

The pandemic forced care homes to go digital and this need has not decreased over the past few years.

With digital healthcare records, the increase in connected devices, video conferencing tools for both residents and staff members, and staff working remotely, having a strong and reliable internet essential.

Working with the care sector for over 25 years, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect connectivity solution to match your home’s needs.

As the upcoming ISDN switch off is imminent, you need to ensure you have the right connectivity in place to avoid a complete loss of phone communication.

The Orbital Net team are happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss your internet and phone setup, so you are confident that you are ready for the switch off.

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Discover how the ISDN/PSTN may affect your home.

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Services we offer

Full-Fibre - School

(Full fibre)
FTTP uses fibre cables directly to your premises, giving you faster and reliable broadband speeds.


Wireless Fibre
When physical cabling is not an option we can use wireless technology to transmit data for a high-speed internet.

dedicated fibre line - School

Dedicated Fibre Leased Lines
Dedicated fibre cabling directly into your premises so no one else shares your connection.

VoIP - School

Digital Voice 
Allows users to make voice calls from a computer, smartphone, other mobile devices and VoIP phones.

Wireless-Fibre - School

Perfect for residents to use across
all rooms without creating any
security risks.

SOGEA - School

(Previously known as FTTC)
Enables a broadband connection without the need of a traditional phone line.

Why Full Fibre?


Higher & More Consistent Speeds

Unlike copper Fibre to the Cabinet which slows down over distance


No More Buffering

No more lag, just smooth streaming so you can enjoy the things you love


No 'Peak Time' Problems

Browse and Stream uninterrupted, even at peak times



Full Fibre has less chance of infrastructure interruption than other services


Future Proof

Delivering the speeds you need today with room to grow


Crystal Clear VoIP Calls

Supports VoIP technology in preparation for the ISDN switch off in 2025


What’s the difference between Fibre and Full Fibre?

You might have ‘Fibre’ in your care home, but is it Full Fibre? Lots of providers have historically referred to the most common internet service, Fibre to the Cabinet as ‘Fibre’.
This can be misleading, and confusing, as now we are referring to Full Fibre, we will break it down here. 

Fibre Broadband

Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC or ‘Fibre’ is fibre optic from the telephone exchange to the nearest green cabinet on the roadside to your property. Then from the cabinet to your property they use copper telephone lines to delivery your internet. The problem here is, where Fibre maintains its speed over any distance, copper will slow down. That means the further away from the cabinet you are, the more difficulty you will face.

This service also has a speed cap, but the speeds vary, again, based on your distance from the cabinet, the further away you are the slower speed you will be able to access. 

Full Fibre Broadband

Now Full Fibre, this is fibre all the way from the telephone exchange, to a nearby distribution point, then its still fibre all the way into your property. No copper telephone lines, no speeds slowing down, no reaching max capacity for your area or experiencing those pesky peak time problems.

It is what it says on the tin, Full Fibre, all the way from the source to your business. 

Why Orbital Net?


25 year's experience offering out of the box solutions to our customers

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Dedicated account manager to support you through the entirety of your contract


Unique auto-failover options offering 100% uptime

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Best in industry technical support call answering speed

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A flexible and agile solutions provider who always put our customer first

The ISDN and PSTN Switch off

In 2015 BT announced they will be switching off their ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and PSTN (The Public Switched Telephone Network) services completely in 2025, which are essentially copper based lines which have become too costly to maintain. This will result in traditional landline connections ceasing and voice calls in the future needing to be made over IP.

While 2025 may seem a long way off, businesses won’t be able to operate any ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) or PSTN-based services shortly, and will need to find a new solution. The most popular alternative being telephone services delivered over the internet (VoIP), which can be extremely cost effective, with businesses making average yearly savings of £456.

We are offering FREE guidance and advice regarding the upcoming 2025 ISDN switch off. Contact us today to discuss how it may impact your home.


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